INK Fellows 2024 Application

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2024-25 Program Guide

Accelerating the Journeys of Gamechangers.

Forget waiting for the future.

Shape it today.

The INK Fellows Program is your chance to actively build it.

We're searching for visionaries like you, exceptional young

minds across disciplines who are ready to push boundaries and

become the changemakers of tomorrow.

Join a community of over 230 leaders.

Our global network connects you with innovators from around

the world, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

We provide the launchpad you need: national and

international exposure, invaluable mentorship from

established industry leaders, and access to financial support.

A great idea needs to be shared.

We'll amplify your groundbreaking ideas, help you craft your

story, and bring your solutions to the world stage.

Seize the chance to make a real difference.

Become an INK Fellow

Accelerating the Journeys of Gamechangers.


The INK Fellows Program—offered by the INK Global Foundation, the non-

profit arm of INK—empowers a global, cross-disciplinary community of

exceptional young gamechangers.

Each year, through a rigorous selection process, the program handpicks young

leaders and disruptive innovators who are actively redefining their fields and

influencing the world around them. INK provides these young visionaries with

a supportive peer group, develops their ideas through training, business

mentoring, and financial grants, and accelerates their ability to impact society

by giving them public exposure.

Today, the program boasts a vibrant network of over 230 young innovators

representing diverse disciplines and continents.

What will you gain from an INK Fellowship?

An INK Fellowship provides tools to kickstart the Fellows’ entrepreneurial


The Art of Storytelling & Public Speaking: Learn powerful presentation

techniques to deliver your ideas with clarity and impact. Develop compelling

narratives that connect with your audience on an emotional level. Receive

expert coaching on vocal delivery, body language, and stage presence.

Mentorship & Idea Acceleration: Connect with industry leaders and

established entrepreneurs for personalized guidance.

Global Stage: Showcase your talents and ideas on the prestigious stage of the

annual INK Conference. Participate in the exclusive US Roadshow to connect

with an international audience.

Learning Communities: Connect with the inspiring and supportive INK

community through quarterly Webinars to stay motivated and current on the

latest trends.


INK Fellows U.S. Roadshow

An integral and coveted part of this program is the INK Fellows U.S. Roadshow.

The goals of this program are to:

Introduce INK Fellows to US audiences, including foundations,

corporations, universities, and the broader community.

Provide exposure, funding, and collaboration opportunities through these


Enable Fellows to learn from and be mentored by top experts in their fields.


Quarterly webinars with established professionals cover topics from business

development to inspirational success stories. INK Fellows also receive public

speaking training to prepare them for presentations at the annual INK

conference, helping them refine their ideas and presentation skills.


INK connects Fellows with mentors who are established members of the INK

community. These mentors provide guidance on all facets of the

entrepreneurial journey, offering invaluable advice that can exponentially

impact the Fellows' careers.

Financial Support

INK provides two types of needs-based grants: mini grants and collaboration

grants. Mini grants support development and operational expenses, while

collaboration grants encourage innovative projects and research.

Speaking Training

Fellows learn to deliver concise, compelling "INKtalks" that effectively

communicate their stories and ideas. This training includes content

development, slide layout, and stage presence.

Digital Presence

Fellows are regularly featured on the INK website and social media platforms.

They can write guest posts and participate in interviews, live streams, and

other digital activities, keeping the INK community updated on their progress.

Annual INK Conference

Fellows attend the annual INK conference and compete for speaking slots in

front of a high-profile audience. Talks are recorded and posted online to reach

a global audience. Fellows in India also have opportunities to present at INK

salons and partner events around the year.


Fellows must:

Commit to participating in 4-5 online synchronous sessions, including two

group sessions and two one-on-one sessions

Dedicate five days, from October 15-19, 2024, to the INK Conference

(including two days for induction and three for the conference).

Contribute to strengthening the community through regular

communications, sharing progress and setbacks, building a supportive

cohort, and mentoring future fellows.

Host events within their communities with other program participants.

Participate in fundraising efforts for the Fellows program.


Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Candidates

should showcase a clear understanding of the SDGs and how their work

directly contributes to addressing global challenges outlined by the UN.

A novel and innovative idea: The proposed project or idea should be unique

and push the boundaries of existing solutions in its field.

Growth potential: Candidates should demonstrate a strong potential for

future growth and leadership in their field. This could be evidenced by past

achievements, a strong work ethic, and a clear vision for the future.

Age: Be below the age of 35 as of July 20, 2024.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 20, 2024 by 12:00 Noon IST


INK covers economy class travel to the INK Conference, airport transfers,

shared accommodation, and meals for the duration of the conference.

Additional travel costs, visa charges, and upgrades are the responsibility of

the Fellow. No honorarium is paid for conference talks, but funded partner

events may offer honorariums.

CLICK HERE for the application form.

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